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Invigo is an exotic blend of ayurveda’s most treasured aphrodisiacs. This blend, encapsulated in 500mg vegetarian capsules, works miraculously in male sexual rejuvenation. In true ayurvedic tradition, Invigo addresses the root causes of sexual incompetencies and works on correcting them, unlike several common artificial medicines which merely suppress symptoms. Each ingredient in this fully natural sexual health product has a specific role in the formulation and addresses a particular sexual dysfunction. While Musli(also known as “Indian herbal viagra”) helps in addressing erectile dysfunction, Mucuna pruriens helps in increasing sperm count and Myristica fragrans increases sexual latency and thus cures premature ejaculation without any side effects.

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Invigo is unlike any product. It is not an overnight solution that merely suppresses symptoms temporarily. Unlike most other sexual health products, which merely suppress symptoms with temporary result, Invigo goes deeper and sustainably works on addressing the root causes of different sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, loss of sexual energy and loss of sperm count. The Key ingredient in Invigo, is Safed Musli (locally referred to as ‘Indian Herbal Viagra’). Being ayurveda’s most celebrated aphrodisiac, Safed Musli has been used to treat sexual incompetencies for several centuries. Ancient Ayurveda referred to this herb as ‘divya aushad’ (divine medicine). Several ancient vedic scriptures refer to Musli and its use as an aphrodisiac apart from several other specified uses.
  • Invigo is sold in HDPE bottles with 14,30 or 60 capsules each.
  • Each bottle is labelled in black, and is sold in predominantly black Invigo branded composite cans.
  • Invigo formulation is encapsulated in white vegetarian capsules.
  • Invigo is sold as vegetarian capsules of 500 mg each.
  • Two capsules per day is the recommended dose. Most ideally, the dose could be had at night, along with a glass of hot milk.
  • The product may take 7-15 days for the benefits to trigger in. Once the benefits set in, the usage should be continued for the 5-6 weeks for the best results.
Protien 10.84%
Sugar 20.56%
Carbohydrate 35.14%
Starch 31.60%
Manganese 34.15 ppm
Iron 106.75 ppm
Fat 2.10%
Dietary fibre 1.12%
Vitamin C 0.30%
Vitamin B1 30%
Sodium 0.32%
Potassium 2.90%



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