Commiphora mukul

Indian Bdellium Gum

The classic Ayurveda medical text, described in detail the usefulness of this herb for treatment of obesity and other disorders of fat, including "coating and obstruction of channels". Encouraged by the Ayurvedic Description of this herb for lowering cholesterol, scientists have conducted clinical trials to test the effectiveness of this herb in disorders of lipid metabolism and for lowering weight. The research resulted in the discovery of a natural cholesterol lowering substance that is safer and more effective than many cholesterol-lowering drugs. The findings were extremely encouraging and it was found that one of Guggul’s main actions is to help in weight loss. It acts best when it is coupled with a dietary and exercise regimen. It helps to burn and reduce fat deposits from different parts of the body.

In Ayurvedic medicine, Commiphora mukul or Guggul is used to remove "Ama", or deposits of waste or toxic material in the body, including mucus and mineral deposits in the joints, thus reducing a possible cause of sluggishness, inflamed joints, and many other conditions. It has been observed that guggulsterones, a key constituent in Guggul, have a direct anti-inflammatory effect.

 English  Indian Bdellium
 Sanskrit  Pura, Mahisaksa, Kausika, Palankasa
 Assamese  Guggul
 Bengali  Guggula
 Gujarati  Gugal, Guggal, Gugar
 Hindi  Guggul
 Kannada  Kanthagana, Guggala, Mahishaksha guggulu, Guggulugida
 Kashmiri  Guggul Dhoop, Kanth Gan
 Malayalam  Gulgulu, Guggulu
 Marathi  Guggul, Mahishaksh
 Oriya  Guggulu
 Punjabi  Guggal
 Tamil  Mahisaksi Guggalu
 Telugu  Makishakshi guggulu, Guggipannu
 Urdu  Muqil (Shihappu)



Foreign Matter  Not more than 4%
Total Ash  Not more than 5%
Acid insoluble Ash  Not more than 1%
Alcohol soluble extractive  Not less than 27%
Water soluble extractive  Not less than 53%
Volatile oil  Not less than 1%



Rasa     : Katu, Tikta, Kasaya

Guna     : Laghu, Sara, Vasada

Virya     : Usna

Vipaka  : Katu

Karma  : Balya, Rasayana, Varnya, Vatabalasajit, Bhagnasandhanakrt, Medohara