Trigonella foenum-gracecum


Fenugreek’s benefits as a breast enlarger and a female aphrodisiac have been known world-over for several centuries now. Fenugreek contains considerable amounts of the active ingredient ‘diosgenin’, a chemical compound that's often used to create semi-synthetic forms of the female sex hormone estrogen. Estrogen boosts sexual sexual function and provides support to women during the menopausal phase.
Fenugreek seeds have been used in traditional medicines as a remedy for diabetes. Rich in protein, fenugreek seeds contain the unique major free amino acid 4-hydroxyisoleucine (4-OH-Ile), which has been characterized as one of the active ingredients for blood glucose control.The physiological action of the soluble dietary fibers in this herb, makes it useful in the treatment of diabetes.

 English  Fenugreek
 Sanskrit  Methini
 Assamese  --
 Bengali  --
 Gujarati  Methi
 Hindi  Methi
 Kannada  Menthe, Mente
 Kashmiri  --
 Malayalam  Uluva
 Marathi  Methi
 Oriya  --
 Punjabi  Methi
 Tamil  Mendium, Ventaiyam
 Telugu  Mentulu
 Urdu  Methi



Foreign Matter  Not more than 2%
Total Ash  Not more than 4%
Acid insoluble Ash  Not more than 0.5%
Alcohol soluble extractive  Not less than 5%



Rasa     : Tikta

Guna     : Snigdha

Virya     : Usna

Vipaka  : Katu

Karma  : Dipana, Kaphahara, Rucya, Vatahara