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Go Lite is an extremely powerful and effective Ayurvedic weight loss solution. It is a proprietary blend of a few Ayurvedic herbs which give the formulation incomparable efficacy.

Go Lite allows one to lose weight in a safe, sustainable and healthy way. Many of the weight loss solutions available today work in an invasive and unsustainable manner, causing several adverse side effects. Go Lite on the other hand, works in harmony with the natural balance of the body and is extremely effective with stable and lasting results. All the ingredients in Go Lite are regular food ingredients and have absolutely no side effects, standalone or in the formulation. The combination of these herbs provides a multifaceted approach to weight loss and improves general health.

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Go Lite has 4 different ingredients, each of which serves a specific purpose in the formulation.

Allium sativum initiates a cleansing action in the body and promotes peristalsis, which loosens and helps wash out fats. One of the biggest bottle necks in weight loss is the difficulty of the system to break down in the larger clumps of fat in different parts of the body. Allium sativum helps in breaking down of such clumps and thus initiates a process of easy weight loss. It also minimizes or prevents elevations in blood lipids in humans after consumption of a high-fat / cholesterol meal.

Described by Ayurvedic texts as being very useful for treating obesity, Commiphora mukul helps to burn and reduce fat deposits and alleviates other fat disorders which cause coating or obstruction of channels in the body. It is also shown to lower cholesterol levels.

Cyperus rotundus improves the digestives system and boosts metabolism. In the most common Ayurvedic remedy for obesity, the subcutaneous fat deposition in the body is reduced by massaging with a dry powder of Cyperus rotundus.

Garcinia cambogia is rich in phytonutrients like anthocyanins, Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA), fatty acids and garcinol. It is known to suppress appetite and instigate a reduced calorie intake. This is due to the fact that the HCA in Garcinia cambogia helps to increase the glycogen and serotonin levels in the body, which in turn stimulates the glucoreceptors in the liver, thereby giving a feeling of satiety. This implies easier appetite control and consequently aids weight loss. The HCA in Garcinia cambogia also prevents the conversion of excess glucose to fat, thereby reducing the cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body. The anthocyanin in Garcinia cambogia also helps in reducing acidity. The combination of these herbs provides a multifaceted approach to weight loss and improves general health.

  • Go Lite is sold in HDPE bottles containing 180 capsules each.
  • Each bottle is labelled in green, is sold in predominantly green, Go Lite branded boxes of the following dimension: 12.6 X 6.3 X 6.3 (in cm)
  • The Go Lite formulation is encapsulated in transparent vegetarian capsules.
  • Go Lite is sold as vegetarian capsules of 500 mg each. One bottle of the product contains 180 capsules.
  • Three capsules twice a day is the recommended dose. The daily dose is preferably once in the morning and once at night.
  • It may take 3-4 weeks for the benefits of Go Lite to trigger in. Once the benefits set in, the usage should be continued for 2-3 months for best results to be achieved.

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