We are a natural products manufacturing and marketing company, with a clear and specific promise: To select evidently effective natural formulations, clinically validate their quality and safety and offer them to consumers across the globe.

With quite a few decades of experience in natural products & Ayurveda, the Herbz team realized that some of Ayurveda's most effective wellness solutions were lost in the clutter of natural products and supplements flooding the globe, most of which were too slow to work, if at all they did work.

We've selected these effective formulations and refined them, manufactured in our own GMP certified plants, clinically validated them at globally accredited multi-national labs, and put them up here at The Herbz Store, for the world to buy.

So if a product is here at The Herbz Store, you can go ahead and buy it, with no concern about quality, safety, efficacy or shipment delivery.

Here are a few aspects that help us stay different from other online stores:


Most natural products don't work, or they work too slow. In our case, we do a 'pre-selection' to see to it that all the products sold in this store actually work, evidently and tangibly.

Good quality Ayurveda:

Ayurveda, the world's oldest practiced health science has some amazingly effective formulations, for different health conditions. But Ayurveda's problems have always been about quality and standardization. We have addressed these problems, and have clinically validated the quality and safety of our products, to ensure that they adhere to the highest global standards.

Seamless delivery, Free shipping:

We have a global network of warehousing partners that help us ensure that your shipment reaches you from our closest possible location in the shortest possible time. Shipping is free too.

Comprehensive product, ingredient & related wellness information:

We understand that natural product customers are informed users who are aficionados, rather than buyers who rely on instinct or hearsay. Here at The Herbz Store, we have sought to provide all our customers with detailed information about the products, the ingredients they contain and how each ingredient can contribute to their wellness. Our blog also provides information about how lifestyle, diet and exercise can support each customer's health situation.

Expert advice:

If you'd like to know more how different herbs and natural solutions can help you address your health problems, write to us and ask one of our experts, who will be able to guide you, even if we do not have a product for you readily available.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our store, find our products useful, and continue your patronage. Meanwhile we appreciate your feedback and would love to hear from you.


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